Take part in one of the quads expeditions. This is a great way to  visit places that can not be reached by car.


There are several companies on this island that deal with this type of entertainment.
After quickly reviewing the available offers, we decided to take Safari on the FuerteAdventure Quads S.L for one day.
.. Let them take part in one of the most beautiful adventures created especially for you!

Suitable for all ages, without experience, only driving license.

QUAD ADVENTURE  is the Promoter and  Leader Company operating fully legal,authorized by the Canarian Government since 2003.

Aproved and reccomended by all tour operators & Resorts in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, is the company best rated for safety and customer service!

It  has an international and professional team with many years of experience earned and developed in the Worldwide Tourist Industry.

They goal is to show you the best places of the islands and offer the experience of a lifetime!

For all of their trips, they offer: authorized transfers, full insurance, security equipment, check-ins and security training, qualified multilingual guides, small homogeneous groups.


It is also possible to book a trip to Fuertaventura while on vacation in Lanzarote. The price includes a ferry transfer from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura. Then you are picked up by one of the office’s representatives.


       The team that support the whole adventure is very nice. They are people who certainly care –  about your safety.

I highly recommend this way to diversify your time on vacation. You will see many beautiful places. It is also a fantastic way to see Fuerteventura during the holidays in Lanzarote. If you decide take part of this adventure let them know – you are from Flamingo Holiday Travel 🙂
From me for Quad Buggy Saffari Adventure Fuerteventura goes Gold Star in the category of entertainment 🙂


This place has been checked / visited by me


Contact details :

FuerteAdventure Quads S.L

Calle Bocinegro 17
35660 Corralejo

+34 928 86 65 52




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