Rhodes – our wonderful Greek holidays




Located on the border between two continents: Europe and Asia, geographically included in the latter, belongs to Greece. Only 20 km from the coast of Turkey, the island is 80 km long, and at its widest point it is 40 km long; its circumference is 250 km. The highest peak is the Ataviros mountain (1215 m above sea level). The island has approx. 100,000 residents, of which 60% live in

the capital – that is, in the city of Rhodes, and the rest are residents of 48 small towns and villages.

The most important settlement is Rhodes – the capital, lying on the northern island’s power supply. It is considered a key bridgehead of communication in these areas. The rest of the settlements. One connects the city of Rhodes with the ancient cities filled with: Lindos, Ialysos or Kamiros. While other parties are being taken.

Climatic qualities and historical monuments make it one of the most visited (second only to Crete) Greek islands for tourism and leisure. Tourist traffic is served by an airport located 11 km west of the capital. The main attraction of the evening is of course the capital of the island with the medieval old town inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and a newer hotel and entertainment center. From the port of Rhodes you can go on a sea trip, also to nearby Turkey, for example to the resort of Marmaris. There are many castles on the island, in ruins or partially or completely rebuilt. The most famous are the Palace of the Grand Master of the Order of Saint John in Rhodes, knight’s castle of the Knights of Monolithos and located on a steep cliff, guarding the village and two natural harbors, Greek temple citadel, mainly from the classical and Hellenistic period in Lindos, with well-preserved fortifications and currently reconstructed colonnades. Noteworthy is the Church Museum Lindos (Εκκλησιαστικό Μουσείο Λίνδου), among others due to the enchanting, medieval polychrome of the adjacent temple.


There are numerous monasteries popular among tourists in the mountains of the island.



Lindos – I fell in love with this town.
It is extremely mysterious and at the same time calm.
The miraculous small streets have a repetitive charm. You can not stop to look at each of them. Every each is different…. You can walk for hours there….
Small souvenir shops that encourage every tourist.
You will also meet lovely donkeys that take you to the top of Lindos. I personally preferred to cheat them. However, the road to go on foot. 








On the island you will also find beautiful beaches.                                                                                One of them is Agios Pavlos Beach (Saint Paul) (Lindos)




It’s not the only one, there are many of them. It is worth to see though part of these beaches:

Aghati Beach ( Haraki ) , Traganou Beach , Tsambika Beach, Oasis Beach (Kallithea), Traounou Beach (Faliraki), Gennadi Beach (Gennadi), Plakia Beach (Pefkos), Stegna Beach (Stegna),Anthony Quinn Bay (Faliraki), Nikolas Beach (Kallithea), Prasonisi Beach (Kattavia),Afandou Beach (Afandu),Faliraki Beach (Faliraki),Elli Beach,Kolimbia beach (Kolimbia and more ….




While visiting the city of Rhodes, I encourage you to visit this restaurant :    “The Rustico” .

This is a beautiful restaurant in the center of old Rhodes. You will feel an amazing atmosphere.



Also visit Butterfly Valley of Rhodes

You and your children will love the peaceful walk through the shaded, green valley with its small river and beautiful waterfalls. You are permanently surrounded by butterflies camouflaging themselves against the tree trunks as you walk up towards the monastery at the top, or rest for a while on one of the wooden benches along the way.


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